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Police, EMS Respond to Crash in Zone 1

Date: August 17, 2022
Incident Type: Crash
Location: Zone 1

On August 17, 2022 at approximately 7:40 a.m., Zone 1 officers responded to Federal Street and North Avenue for a crash.

After speaking with witnesses, police determined a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed nearly collided with a pick-up truck while trying to turn on W. North Avenue. Moments later, the vehicle crashed into a parked vehicle and then a light pole. The light pole then fell across the roadway.

There were no injuries. 

While enroute to the call, officers were informed that four juveniles were seen fleeing from the crashed vehicle.

Responding units were able to detain two juvenile females who were checked by medics and cleared.

The investigation is ongoing. 

Reporting PIO:
Amanda Mueller