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Two Arrested After Vehicle Fled From Police and Crashed Downtown

Date: December 14, 2022
Incident Type:
Location: Zone 4/Zone 2

Just before 5 p.m., plainclothes detectives from Zone 4 observed a male with an active federal drug warrant in the parking lot of a gas station at Beechwood Blvd. and Browns Hill Road. Another male exited a vehicle and got into the one with the warrant suspect.

When detectives began approaching them, the vehicle fled the area and onto the parkway, almost striking one of the detectives. As police followed, the suspect vehicle struck or sideswiped at least two and possibly three vehicles before exiting the parkway and crashing at Fort Pitt Blvd. and Stanwix Street downtown. No one was injured.

James Montgomery and Darryl Lewis, both of Hazelwood, were arrested and transported to the ACJ. Charges are pending.

Police are processing the two suspect vehicles for narcotics.

The investigation is ongoing.

Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz