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Pittsburgh EMS Treats Dozens at Ed Sheeran Concert, Crews Save Two Cardiac Patients

Date: July 9, 2023
Incident Type: EMS

Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS personnel working during the Ed Sheeran concert received 37 calls for service, with 17 transports to the hospital.

The transports were for heat-related issues, some falls, one seizure, and two cardiac arrest patients.

A worker tearing down the setup inside the stadium went into cardiac arrest on the floor.  


With the quick actions by numerous crews, the patient was treated and transported to AGH.


When leaving the facility, one of the paramedics from an outside agency also went into cardiac arrest on Art Rooney Ave. 


Again, with the quick response by numerous crews and agencies, the patient was resuscitated after receiving several shocks and was transported to AGH.


Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz