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Police Investigate Reported Kidnapping

Date: May 11, 2019
Incident Type: Kidnapping, harassment, false imprisonment
Location: Zone 4

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police responded to a reported kidnapping near the intersection of S. Homewood and Penn avenues around 1:30 a.m.

Responding officers from Zone 4 found two women who said they had taken an Uber with a male driver. The driver commented on their looks and did not follow the GPS directions to the requested address.

The driver pulled over near the intersection of Homewood and Penn, put the car in park and said, “You're not going anywhere,” the woman told police. The driver tried to lock the doors, but one of the victims was able to open a door and jump out the backseat, they said. The other woman followed her and they ran from the car while shouting for help.

Police identified the suspect by his Uber app identification and photo. Police searched for the car in the area but did not find it. The suspect is believed to live in Beaver County.

Police are obtaining an arrest warrant for kidnapping, harassment and false imprisonment.  

Reporting PIO:
Chris Togneri


UPDATE: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers from Zone 4 have arrested a suspect in this case.