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Passenger in Stolen Vehicle Injured While Trying to Jump Out

Date: February 22, 2020
Incident Type: Stolen Vehicle
Location: Zone 2

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers on regular patrol observed a stolen vehicle at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Memory Lane shortly after 6 p.m.

When Zone 2 officers turned on their lights, the driver of the stolen vehicle initially stopped, but then drove away. Police followed, but quickly decided not to pursue.

Near the intersection of Webster Avenue and Wooster Street, the car slowed and a male passenger tried to get out. However, before he was completely out of the vehicle, the driver sped away, causing the door to strike the passenger in the face and cause a minor injury to his lip. The driver did not stop, but continued to drive away.

Police detained the male and found that he had a warrant for failure to appear. He was also in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Zone 2 officers are investigating.

Reporting PIO:
Chris Togneri