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Investigators Release New Photos of Suspects Involved in Destruction of Police Vehicle

Date: August 14, 2020
Incident Type: Arson / Vandalism
Location: Zone 2

Damage Assessment and Accountability Task Force (DAAT)  investigators continue to try to identify the two individuals in these photos. 

One is wearing a ski mask that covers their hair and face, a black t-shirt, dark-colored backpack with grey pants rolled at the ankle, and white tennis shoes.  

This individual was observed contributing to the arson that destroyed a marked police vehicle during the May 30 protest downtown. They put on a black hoodie after the damage was done to the vehicle. 

The female with the pink hair, wearing a yellow bandana, black jeans, light-colored shirt and a jean jacket also took part in vandalizing the car. These two were seen together at multiple points during the destruction of the vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the task force at, or call (412) 323-7800 and ask for the task force. Contributors will remain anonymous. 

Original blotter entry with additional suspect photos:


Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz