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Three Charged After Sept. 5 Protest

Date: September 14, 2020
Incident Type: Protest
Location: Downtown

Damage Assessment and Accountability Taskforce investigators on Monday, Sept. 14 charged three people in connection with a protest that turned violent Downtown on Sept. 5.

The charges stem from confrontations between a small number of actors during an otherwise peaceful march and multiple people not associated with the protest, including outdoor diners at a restaurant on the 900 block of Penn Avenue, diners and staff at a fast food restaurant on the 500 block of Liberty Avenue and pedestrians and cyclists.

Monique Craft, a.k.a. Nique Craft, 35, of South Side, is charged with conspiracy, theft and trespassing.

Shawn Green, a.k.a Lorenzo Rulli, is charged with conspiracy, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Kenneth McDowell, a.k.a. Kenny West is charged with conspiracy, disorderly conduct, harassment and possessing instruments of a crime.

Craft was charged via summons. Police applied for arrest warrants for Green and McDowell as investigators could not find verified addresses.

Additional assaults from this event continue to be investigated. A fourth unknown male protester is wanted for aggravated assault for striking a cyclist in the head with a skateboard. For more information on this suspect:

The Damage Assessment and Accountability Taskforce (DAAT) is a partnership of multiple local law enforcement agencies.

Reporting PIO:
Chris Togneri