Welcome to FilmApp Pittsburgh!

The City of Pittsburgh Office of Film & Event Management is the managing office for all commercial film projects within the City of Pittsburgh.  Please allow ample time for application review, especially if significant City resources are required for your shoot to be successful.

Applications must be received at least seven (7) business days before your first shoot date.

Location managers and film producers can apply for the following permits through FilmApp:

  • Permits for the parking of production trucks for shoots on private property;
  • Low-impact shoots that occur on City of Pittsburgh property;
  • High-impact shoots that occur on City of Pittsburgh property and require the coordination of City services or assets;
  • Permits for commercial still photography shoots on City of Pittsburgh property;
  • Permits for the utilization of drones for filming purposes.

To begin your application process, please click below to launch FilmApp.  Please be sure to read the information provided on the FilmApp homepage regarding application deadlines and application fees.  Call 412-255-2641 with any questions.