Public Safety Contacts

Office of the Director

Wendell D. Hissrich, Public Safety Director

Linda Rosato-Barone, Assistant Police Chief of Operations / Public Safety Deputy Director

Zoë Burch, Administrative Assistant

Keeley Tague, Administrative Specialist


Community Affairs

Shatara Murphy, Assistant Director, Community Affairs

Jay Gilmer, STOP the Violence Coordinator

Ian Reynolds, Disruptive Properties Coordinator

 John Tokarski, SaferTogether Coordinator


Finance & Administration

Anthony Landolina, Assistant Director, Finance & Administration

John Warren, Manager of Support Services

Charles Showers, Finance Administrator



NOTE: All media inquiries should be sent to

Chris Togneri, Public Information Officer

Cara Cruz, Deputy Public Information Officer

Maurice Matthews II, Assistant Public Information Officer


Nighttime Economy

Allison Harnden, Nighttime Economy Manager

Emily Embrey, Nighttime Economy Coordinator


Social Media

Tricia Adamczyk, Social Media Specialist



Daniel Shak, Technology Manager


Victim Assistance Services

Dana Bleasdale, Victim Assistance Coordinator