Community Outreach

The Office of Community Outreach provides educational and technical assistance to the community regarding public safety services provided by the City of Pittsburgh. The City also works with other municipal government and nongovernment service agencies toward that goal.

Safer Together Pittsburgh

Safer Together Pittsburgh strives in its work of providing outreach and assistance to the residents and businesses of Pittsburgh. They work at building and strengthening relationships, partnerships, and communication between the City’s Public Safety Zone Councils, associated community-based public safety structures, other various public safety bureaus, and also within the neighborhoods they serve. Additionally, Safer Together Pittsburgh examines methods and proven approaches in order to better respond to the needs and service expectations of under-served communities and populations in Pittsburgh.

STOP the Violence

The STOP the Violence Office attempts to promote, assist and connect the anti-violence activities sponsored by the City of Pittsburgh with other governmental and private anti-violence activities and with citizens who want to eliminate violence. City sponsored activities include Group Violence Intervention (GVI), the Pittsburgh Police Community Engagement Unit, and Youth & Adult Diversion programs. 

One of the principal tools of the Office is their monthly STOP the Violence newsletter highlighting the facts on violence in the City, featuring insights on City sponsored activities and community-based initiatives to prevent violence, and showing how YOU can get involved. To obtain the free newsletter, please sign up HERE. 

For more information, please contact: