Spay/Neuter Program

The Department of Public Safety Bureau of Animal Care and Control is announcing a pause in the Spay and Neuter Program.

The program has historically served city residents by providing no-cost spay and neuter services for pet dogs and cats, and feral cat colonies. City of Pittsburgh tax money funds the program to ensure that the population of dogs and cats in Pittsburgh remains at sustainable levels.

However, during a recent evaluation of the program, it became clear that services were being used in inappropriate ways disingenuous to the spirit of the program. Such examples of these program abuses include individuals using the city addresses of friends and family members to bring in animals from outside city limits to take advantage of the service.

“The Bureau of Animal Care & Control is currently working with our partners at Humane Animal Rescue and Animal Friends to address some of the issues that have arisen with the Spay and Neuter Program as its use has grown and the associated costs have increased,” said Lee Schmidt, Director of Public Safety.

The City of Pittsburgh and the Bureau of Animal Care and Control is committed to assisting those resident pet owners most in need with the cost of altering their animals as well as ensuring that the community cat population is kept under control. While the program is paused, staff will evaluate potential applicant criteria in order to develop a program adapted to those goals.

“We are excited to build out a more sustainable and equitable program and are looking forward to rolling out a new and improved program to all city residents that also safeguards good stewardship of tax payer dollars,” added Director Schmidt.

Individuals who have already submitted an application and/or have a spay or neuter currently scheduled will be contacted by the Bureau directly.

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Department of Public Safety
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