Stray Animals

If there is a stray animal in your neighborhood, please contact Animal Control:  

City of Pittsburgh Stray Animal Policies:

  • Any dogs running loose will be picked up and impounded by Police and Animal Control officers
  • Licensed dogs and ID tagged cats: The owner will be contacted, and the animal will be held for 10 days at the Humane Animal Rescue - East End at the corner of Hamilton and Dallas Avenues in Homewood. The owner of the pet may claim his animal after paying for costs and charges paid by the City for picking up and taking care of the animal. Animals may be adopted or euthanized after 10 days following the notification of the owner. PHONE: 412-345-7300
  • Unlicensed dogs and cats with no collar ID: Animals may be placed out for adoption or euthanized after 3 days following impoundment
  • The City does not provide animals to anyone for medical research