Shade Tree Commission

The Shade Tree Commission is a quasi-governmental entity created by Pittsburgh ordinance Title Four, Article XIII, Chapter 487 . Comprised of Mayor-appointed and City Council-approved volunteers, the Commission is funded through the Outdoor Advertising Excise Tax and funds from developers unable to meet street tree requirements (Alternative Compliance funds

The Shade Tree Commission approves recommendations to the Mayor’s office and City Council to expend funds from the Shade Tree Trust Fund to advance urban forestry initiatives.

In recognition of the value of Pittsburgh's urban trees as one of our city's greatest assets, Commissioners are tasked with making recommendations to City Government to restore and maintain the city's tree population. The Commission is dedicated to providing policy makers, City Departments, and the general public with accurate and objective information on policy issues affecting the urban forest. 

Governing Documents


Fifteen members comprise this Commission:

  • All appointed by Mayor; confirmed by City Council
  • 1 from Forestry Division of Public Works Department
  • 1 from DPW with engineering/construction background
  • 1 from Department of City Planning
  • 1 from Mayor’s Office
  • 1 from Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • 1 from an electric utility
  • The rest from various “educational institutions, community-based organizations, business organizations, and environmental organizations”
  • Majority of members must be City residents.
Members Fulfillment (from Shade Tree Commission founding legislation in City Code ) Neighborhood Term expires (from
Kristen (Spirl) Boucher University - Duquesne University Arboretum Carrick 7/31/2025
Martina Battisone City of Pittsburgh - Planning (Resiliency) Troy Hill 6/30/2027
Angie Martinez City of Pittsburgh - Mayor's Office (DOMI) Manchester 10/1/2026
Zinna Scott Community n/a 10/1/2026
Lisa Ceoffe City of Pittsburgh - Department of Public Works, Forestry Division Stanton Heights 5/1/2023
Andrea Ketzel City of Pittsburgh - Department of Public Works Squirrel Hill South 7/31/2025
James Barry Electric Utility - Duquesne Light Oakdale 3/31/2025
Roy Blankenship Community Knoxville 3/31/2023
Mary Savage Community Homewood South LIFETIME
James J. Stitt Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority East Allegheny 5/1/2023
Matt Erb Organization - Davey Tree Central Lawrenceville 5/1/2023
Brian Wolyniak Penn State Urban Extension Bloomfield 3/31/2025
Nazin Bagherynejad Urban Redevelopment Authority Squirrel Hill North 2/8/2025
Raqueeb Bey Community Lower Hill 5/1/2023
Vacant Organization - Tree Pittsburgh    

Mission Statement

The Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission works to ensure the many social, economic, environmental and human health benefits of trees for current and future residents through the planting, protection and preservation of as many trees as possible within the City on public and private property.

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