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What is Welcoming Pittsburgh?

Welcoming Pittsburgh is an immigrant, refugee and asylee integration strategy launched by Mayor William Peduto in 2014. The Mayor’s Office is leading implementation of the plan through cross-sectoral partnerships. Welcoming Pittsburgh is rooted in a commitment to ensure a more livable city for all residents.

Welcoming Pittsburgh is an initiative meant to live within the community. Since its launch, Welcoming Pittsburgh has transformed into a platform to highlight the hard work that Pittsburgh leaders do to show our newcomers welcome.

Instead of directing the conversation, the city aims to support the dialogue that is already happening in order to successfully address the needs of the community. Through support of immigrant centered events, projects, and initiatives, the City of Pittsburgh is committed to engaging as much of our immigrant, refugee, and asylee communities as possible.

What is the Roadmap?

Welcoming Pittsburgh is guided by the Welcoming Pittsburgh Roadmap, a comprehensive citywide plan compiled by 40 leaders from diverse sectors, and over 3,000 community members. The Roadmap outlines 37 community-led recommendations grouped into 3 categories Welcome Neighbor, Bridge to the City, and Prospering Together all to advance welcoming efforts in the City. The work of Welcoming Pittsburgh includes the 37 recommendations, as well as emerging priorities of the community that goes beyond the original roadmap.

To better fulfill the recommendations and to align our efforts with a broader county outlook, we have grouped the recommendations(both in the roadmap and beyond) into 6 categories: Civic & Community Engagement, Education, Language Access, Economic Development, Sustaining the Plan, and Beyond the Roadmap.

Welcoming Pittsburgh Roadmap phases

See something in the Roadmap that aligns with your work? We would love to include you- please reach out to us!