Latinos in Pittsburgh

The world is not that big. We are at the same table eating with different people… We don’t have to fight for anything. We have to help each other to live better. – Antonio Martinez

My wish list for the future will be to see that all kids in Pennsylvania have Health Insurance; that we care more about each other as a community, as a country, as a human race. – Diego Chaves-Gnecco.

We are bringing new thinking, we are bringing these nuances in culture that can enrich the society that you have here. – Beatriz Luna.

This country is great because immigrants from many parts of the world come here with the desire to work hard, to fulfill dreams… We all bring here the idea of what we have learned in our countries, to be an entrepreneur, to have a small business, and that is what drives the country… It keeps the economy going! – Shelbin Santos.

You are an immigrant… You need to do some stuff, sometimes, for your family, for your health, for whatever it takes… You are going to try to survive! – Idario Santos.

There is not just one kind of immigrant and not all of them come from the same place. That just shows me how diverse the immigrant experience can be and how we are not all here to do the same thing. – José María Ochoa.