Renting to Refugees in Allegheny County

Renting to Refugees in Allegheny County session promotion

This is an educational session to support landlords renting to refugees.

This session will cover the following, in reference to renting properties to refugees in Pittsburgh:

  • Economic opportunity
  • Technical assistance
  • Compliance education
  • Cultural understanding

Session Materials:

Please take the landlord poll if you are interested in working with refugee resettlement agencies to provide housing to incoming refugees 

Landlord Poll: https://forms.gle/YAe7LejW8rPkFsK88

Link to the renting to refugees virtual program:
https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/1WZenmpoYxWl-_AY1auUOYUGa6_dYX2jrn_tHB_gjmtpIauxZV-YFYRg82_Gh6HA.QtEhyUl1njUgykK7 Passcode: R59N@zgX