The workforce subcommittee is made of different community partners within the Welcoming Communities Group; this group saw the need to compile a series of information that employers as well as members in the immigrant and refugee communities can utilize to meet their workforce needs.

The group worked for months to research and compile the living document you can access below.

If you have any questions or additions, please email welcomingpgh@pittsburghpa.gov

Workforce Development Resources - Excel (.xlsx) file
This directory of workforce development resources was created to support career-seeking members of the immigrant & international community across the Pittsburgh region. It provides an overview of ongoing programs and services that provide career advancement opportunities which can benefit you or people you know. Here, you can access information on community resources which provide support to small businesses, legal services for immigration support, programs for English literacy, programs that help bridge the digital divide, networking/mentorship opportunities, youth career development opportunities, career pipeline programs, general career support services, and resource navigation services.

This document provides a glossary of terms employers should be familiar with when working with refugees and immigrants. The definitions provide a starting point for understanding the complex immigration statuses, programs, and documents within the US immigration system. Can't find a term you're looking for? Contact Welcoming Pittsburgh here.

Employer Directory
The Workforce Subcommittee of the Welcoming Pittsburgh Committee is compiling a list of employers in the Pittsburgh region who implement some or all of the following hiring practices: 

  1. Starting wage of $12-$13+ per hour
  2. Willing to hire those with limited or no English skills 
  3. Upward mobility potential
  4. Career path away from manual labor 
  5. Provides healthcare / 401k benefits
  6. Provides English language training, access to classes, and tuition reimbursement
  7. Along the bus line or provides carpool/transportation options
  8. Hires employees with various VISA statuses 

The purpose of this effort is to identify and connect immigrants and refugees to job opportunities that allow for growth and economic stability, while creating an incentive for businesses to transform their hiring practices into a more inclusive model that supports employees' long-term growth.