Application Submission

Permit Process:

The permit process consists of the following steps:

Application Requirements

Application Fee

All permit applications require payment of the application fee, including amended permits – see the PLI fee schedule.

Required Documents

The OneStopPGH portal will identify required documents based on the permit type, structure type, work type, and work scope you have applied for in electronic format.  For submissions made in hard copy format to the OneStopPGH counter, or for quick reference, please see PLI’s Standard Permit Application Requirements Guideline.  Please note that Minor Alteration work type does not require submission of drawings or PLI review – Zoning review may be required, see below.

Application Submissions

Please note that application submissions, including revisions, will only be accepted electronically through the OneStopPGH portal or in hard copy format through the OneStopPGH counter.

Other Agency Coordination

Please see Other Agency Coordination for coordination requirements with other agencies.

OneStopPGH portal submissions will be notified through the portal if additional information is required prior to entering the review queue.  OneStopPGH counter submissions will be provided with a written response to identify missing required documentation.  

Next Steps

Application Review is required for work types other than "minor alterations".  Please note that "minor alterations" for condemned properties require applicaiton review.  

Permit Issuance is required if the work type is "minior alterationts".