City Funded Demolition

What Does the City Demolish?

The City of Pittsburgh periodically solicits bids from registered and qualified demolition contractors for the demolition and removal of condemned structures.

City Funded Demolition Prioritization

The Demolition List identifies those structures that have been determined to be in imminent danger (ID) or constitute a public safety hazard.

There are many buildings in the City of Pittsburgh that have been condemned by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections and do not appear on this list. A building may be condemned for various reasons, including being determined an ‘Unlawful Structure’, ‘Structure Unfit for Human Occupancy’, an ‘Unsafe Structure’, or for ‘Imminent Danger’- experiencing partial collapse or imminent structural failure.

When a building is condemned, occupancy is prohibited and the owner of the property is notified to make necessary repairs to correct the violations. Condemned buildings are inspected on a regular basis to monitor any change to its status, however, a building may be condemned for a long period of time without necessitating demolition.