Commercial Permits

Commercial permits are required for all work performed on commercial structures.

  • Commercial – all other uses:
    • Applies to structures regulated by the International Building Code.
    • Applicable to attached single-family and two-family dwellings and accessory structures.
    • Applicable to detached single-family and two-family dwellings that more than 3 stories in height and accessory structures.
    • Applicable to dwelling units in mixed-use structure (contains non-residential uses).
    • Applicable to non-residential uses.

See Residential Permits for permit information regarding residential structures. 


Permit Configuration

PLI’s permits are configured based on permit type, structure type, work type, and work scope.  Permit types: building, electrical systems, mechanical systems (including fuel gas), fire alarm systemssuppression systems permits, demolition, land operationssigns, occupancy-only, and occupant load placard.


Permit Process  

All of PLI’s permits go through the following process/steps: