Condemned Property

The Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections routinely inspects structures to assess building integrity. When a structure has been declared a public safety hazard, PLI will condemn the building. A building may be condemned for a number of reasons including:

  1. 108.1.1 Unsafe structures
  2. 108.1.2 Unsafe Equipment
  3. 108.1.3 Unfit for Human Occupancy
  4. 108.1.4 Unlawful Structure
  5. 108.2 Closing of Vacant Structure
  6. 109.1 Imminent Danger
  7. 301.3 Vacant Structure and Land

These violations are from the International Property Maintenance Code –Title 10 as adopted and amended by City Code.

There may be several remedies for a property owner of a condemned structure dependent upon the condition such as:

  1. Obtaining a private demolition permit
  2. Repair the structure to remove code violations

A structure may be condemned for a number of years before PLI considers a City funded demolition. The structure must be considered an imminent danger. The definition of imminent danger according to the International Property Maintenance Code is “a condition which could cause serious or life-threatening injury or death at any time”

Please review our Razed, Condemned, and Under Contract documents for specific properties in these categories.