Permit Fee Calculator

Welcome to PLI's new Permit Fee Calculator! PLI will verify the final cost of your permit based on our most current fee schedule both when you apply for your permit and again when your permit is issued. This calculator will calculate only application and issuance fees for permits. No inspection fees, accelerated plan review fees, or any other fees are included in this calculator. The calculator is subject to change at any time. 

CONSTRUCTION VALUE: To calculate your construction value, add up the cost of materials and labor needed to complete your project. This cost would not include professional fees or surveys, or any work completed that does not require a permit, such as finish work, like painting, new flooring,  cabinets, and countertops, etc. 

PLEASE SEE OUR FEE SCHEDULE PAGE for the most up-to-date Fee Schedule, Fee definitions, how to calculate your value of construction, and more. 

ZONING FEES MAY APPLY. Please consult the Zoning Fee Schedule.

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