Residential HVAC Permit

Residential Mechanical Permits

A residential mechanical permit is required for the following work on a residential building or structure (single family or two-family dwelling or associated accessory structure such as a garage)

  • Renovate and repair mechanical or fuel gas systems.
  • Extend or modify an existing mechanical or fuel gas system.
  • Installation of new mechanical or fuel gas systems.

Please see Permit Home for definition of residential structures and work types.  Please see work not requiring a permit for work that can be performed without a PLI permit.

Over the counter applications will require a Residential Mechanical Application.

Mechanical Work Scope:

The work types for residential mechanical permits are for all work types.  

  • Boiler
  • Ductwork
  • Mechanical Equipment – Exterior
  • Mechanical Equipment – Interior
  • Exhaust System
  • Fuel Gas Piping
  • Hydronic System
  • Refrigeration System


Permit Process:

The permit process consists of the following steps:

Please see Other Agency Coordination for processes related to other agencies that may relate to your permit scope.  For residential mechanical permits:

  • Zoning Development Review application (ZDR) submission is required for the following:
    • Mechanical Equipment – Exterior work scope.
    • Any work scope if the property is located in a regulated floodplain.