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Construction Inspector Contact Information

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Not sure what Ward your permit is in? Check out this map or refer to your permit. 
Construction inspection issue? Contact the Construction Inspection Supervisors.

Please see INSPECTION CHECKLISTS for each permit type, structure type, work type, and work scope.

General Inspection Requirements

  • Post a copy of the PLI permit where it is visible on the job site. This applies to ALL permits.
  • Perform work per the approved permit scope and documents.
  • Keep a copy of approved documents on-site for Inspector access.
  • Request inspection when work is ready.
  • Keep work exposed until PLI grants concealment with a passed inspection.
  • Grant the inspector access to the job site and provide means of performing inspections, including all equipment and/or devices used for testing as prescribed by the applicable code and/or referenced standard.
  • Maintain valid trade license, including maintenance of insurance, shall be maintained for the entire duration of a permit. PLI inspections cannot be recorded if the permit holder's license is not valid. Failure to update the license may result in a stop-work order and/or permit revocation (cancellation of permit). 

Requesting Inspections

  • It is the permit holder’s responsibility to request inspections through the OneStopPGH portal.  Please note that the requested date is required to be a minimum of 5-business days from the date the inspection request is submitted.  The requestor may request an earlier date in the requestor comments field.  We do our best to accommodate the requested date but may schedule for another day and time.  
  • A OneStopPGH notification is provided after the Inspector confirms the scheduled inspection date.
  • PLI does not offer same-day inspections.
  • PLI does offer Off-hour Inspections for an additional fee, see PLI's current Off-hour Inspection Policy.  Off-hour requests shall be submitted via the OneStopPGH portal and require a minimum of 2-business day lead time. 
  • PLI inspections are limited to the requested inspections. If an inspector's schedule permits they may perform additional inspections, however, this is not guaranteed.

PLI Required Inspections

All PLI permits require inspections, including occupancy and occupant load placard permits. It is the permit holder's responsibility to request inspections!

These are the general list of Inspections:

  • Pre-Inspection: building, mechanical, electric, fire alarm, suppression system, demolition, and land operations permits
  • Footing and foundation: building as applicable.
  • Concrete slab and under-floor: building as applicable.
  • Underground: as applicable for mechanical, electric, suppression system, energy/insulation, and plumbing (performed by Allegheny County Health Department).
  • Lowest floor elevation: building applicable for new construction or substantial improvements in regulated flood hazard areas.
  • Rough: mechanical, electric, fire alarm, suppression system, plumbing (performed by Allegheny County Health Department).
  • Rough: accessibility blocking and energy insulation for building permits as applicable.
  • Framing: building - note a passed inspection shall only be granted if passed rough-in inspections are recorded for all sub permits!
  • Void: demolition
  • Wall/Ceiling Closure: building as applicable.
  • Air Barrier/Leakage: building energy as applicable.
  • Fire and smoke-resistant penetrations: building as applicable.
  • Accessibility for building permits as applicable: plumbing elements/facilities, kitchen/kitchenettes, elevator/platform lifts, accessible route, sales/service & food/drink, parking/loading zones, assembly areas, and recreational facilities.
  • Final: accessibility for building as applicable, energy as applicable for building, mechanical, and energy.
  • Final: all permits.

Note, that the OneStopPGH customer portal identifies all required inspections. An inspection report is available immediately after an inspection is recorded that identifies all items inspected, associated individual item outcome, and overall inspection outcome. 

Inspection Sequencing

  • Approval from the Inspector, as documented by a passed inspection, is required to cover or conceal work. 
  • Approval from the Inspector, as documented by a passed inspection, is required to perform work beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection.
  • Framing inspections require recorded passed inspections for all sub-permits - mechanical, electrical, plumbing (provide ACHD inspection report as a close-out document), fire alarm, and suppression system - and additional inspections (accessibility and energy)

Next Steps

Permit Completion. All permits go through the permit completion process.  Refer to this resource for final inspection requirements.

Permit Process Overview