Permit Issuance

Genral Requirements for Issuance: 

  • Permit Approval: Applicants are notified by email and provided with a Notice of Construction Plan Approval identifying all requirements for permit issuance and permit completion.  
  • All conditions of permit approval are met.
  • Related building or parent permit and associated Zoning Development Review (ZDR) application are issued.  
  • All remaining fees, excluding previously paid application fees, are paid.
  • The assigned permit holder has an appropriate and valid PLI license as applicable.  License validity includes maintaining insurance requirements. 

Permit Issuance Process:

  • The applicant identifies the contractor (permit holder) selected to perform the work by their license number.
  • The contractor (permit holder) confirms they accept the permit assignment and pays all remaining fees.

Trade License Requirements by Permit Type:

  • PLI General Contractor License is required for:
    • All commercial building permits.
    • All residential building permits with new construction work type.
    • Residential building permits with addition/alteration or minor alterations work types for rental or investment property.
    • All demolition permits.
    • All land operations permits.
  • PA Attorney General’s Home Improvement Contractor Registration is required for all residential building permits with addition/alteration or minor alterations work types for private residences as permitted by PLI's License Rules and Regulations.
  • PLI Electrical Trade License is required for all electrical permits.
  • PLI Mechanical Trade License is required for all mechanical permits.
  • Fire Suppression Trade License is required for suppression system permits unless limited solely to hood suppression system work scope.
  • PLI Sign Contractor License is required for sign permits.

License Exemptions:

  • Owner(s) of single-family or two-family dwellings self-performing work on their primary residence as permitted by PLI's License Rules and Regulations.
  • Work performed by a governmental entity as permitted by PLI's License Rules and Regulations.
  • Occupancy-Only permits.
  • Occupant Load Placard permits.

Permit Work

  • Work is authorized to begin after permit issuance.  Note authorization is limited to work under that specific permit and does authorize work associated with other permits.
  • Work shall be performed in accordance with approved documents and permit conditions.
  • Work shall remain exposed until authorized by a PLI Inspector through a recorded passed inspection.
  • Changes in work scope and/or design may require an amendment, see PLI's Permit Amendments guidelines.

Permit Validity

  • A permit remains valid if work begins within 180 days of permit issuance.
  • A permit remains valid if all work suspension is limited to less than 180 days. 
  • All PLI permits, except the following, expire 5 years after the date of permit issuance: occupancy-only, occupant load placard, and demolition permits expire 180 days after issuance.

Next Steps:

Permit Inspections. Note ALL PLI permits, including occupancy-only and occupant load placard permits, require PLI inspections.

Permit Process Overview