Residential Occupancy Only Permit

A residential occupancy only permit is required for the following work on a residential building or structure (single family or two-family dwelling):

  • To certify a new use and/or occupancy for an exiting building or structure.
  • Approve temporary use and/or occupancy of an existing building or structure.

Please see Permit Home for definition of residential structures.

Over the counter applications will require an Occupancy Only Permit Application.

Work Types:

  • New Use: applies to a use and/or occupancy that has not previously been approved as evidenced by a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Modification of Existing Certificate: applies to applications that are limited to modifications that do not change the use and/or occupancy of the structure, such as Lessee information.
  • Temporary Use: applies to uses that are temporary in nature (180 days or less).


Permit Process:

The permit process consists of the following steps:

Please see Other Agency Coordination for processes related to other agencies that may relate to your permit scope.  For residential building permits:

  • Zoning Development Review
    • A ZDR application submission is required for New Use and Modification of Existing Certificate work types.
    • A Zoning review will be performed on applications with Temporary Use work types.