Permit Completion / Passed Final Inspections

In order for a permit to be completed the following are required:

  • All required inspections, including the final, have been granted passed inspections.
  • All work covered by that permit is complete and has been granted passed inspections.
  • All required sub-permits, as identified on the Permit or by the Inspector, are complete with recorded passed final inspections.
  • All additional inspections, as identified on the Permit or by the Inspector, such as accessibility and energy inspections have been granted passed inspections.
  • All required Special Inspections have been performed and the Final Special Inspection Report has been issued.
  • All required close-out documents have been submitted by uploading as close-out documents via the OneStopPGH portal.
  • All work associated with other City departments and/or agencies required as a condition of permit approval – this includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Approved landscaping as identified by the Zoning Department.
    • Public right of way infrastructure such as roads, curb cuts, sidewalks, etc.

Permit Close-out Documents

Failure to provide required close-out documents associated with a permit will result in a failed inspection and may result in the scheduled inspection being canceled.

  • Testing reports, including mechanical system balance
  • Statement of Compliance for Suppression System permits
  • Record of Completion for Fire Alarm permits
  • Energy testing and/or commissioning reports
  • Special Inspection Final Inspection Report 

Administrative Audit

  • PLI performs administrative audits of completed permits to confirm all required inspections have been required, all close-out documents are complete and have been uploaded to the OneStopPGH portal, and all permit conditions have been met. 
  • If any of the above items are deficient, the permit is returned to the inspection process, the final inspection is failed, and the permit holder is notified.
  • The permit holder is responsible to address deficiencies and request a new final inspection for the permit to be completed.

Documentation of Completion

  • For building permits that include a Certificate of Occupancy, after permit completion and administrative audit, the Certificate is issued by the Building Code Official, a copy is emailed to the permit holder, and a copy is added to PLI's Certificate of Occupancy database.  The Certificate is generally issued within 5-business days but may occasionally take longer.
  • Not all building permits include a Certificate of Occupancy.  For these and other permits, the final inspection summary report documents that a passed final inspection was granted and the permit is complete. 

NOTE the failure to request a final inspection is a violation of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and shall result in PLI issuance of a request for compliance.

Permit Process Overview