The LIR Board will not meet in August 2022. The next scheduled meeting is for September 14th, 2022.

Board of Appeals

Under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, a property owner or their agent, may file a variance request with the Board of Appeals. The Board accepts variances for the following reasons:

  • The true intent of the Uniform Construction Code was incorrectly interpreted.
  • The provisions of the Uniform Construction Code do not apply.
  • An equivalent form of construction is to be used.

Filing a Variance

In order to file a variance the following will be required:

The agenda deadline for each hearing is the first working day of that month.

After the application is processed, a hearing date will be assigned. The applicant will be provided with a Public Notice Placard. This placard shall be posed at the subject property on the address side where it is visible from the street.

Applicants are responsible for providing copies for all materials, other than the completed application form, for Board members.

Hearing Schedule and Agendas






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