Code Enforcement

I believe my neighbor has code violations on their property. What should I do?

Please contact 311 on their website by phone, or via twitter. An inspector will be assigned to do an inspection and determine if there are any violations.

I submitted a 311 complaint and nothing has been done.

Although it may not seem like any progress has been made on a particular property, there may have been many steps taken in order to get the violations corrected.

I submitted a 311 complaint and it is not on the violation search.

The search only contains notices sent after October 15, 2015. If you do not see an address that has remaining violations, please resubmit to 311.

Can I testify in court against my neighbor?

Yes, please call the government and community affairs liaison to coordinate at 412-255-2811. To view court dates, please visit the magisterial judicial website. Court dates will appear once the hearing has been scheduled. If you do not see a date, the hearing has not yet been scheduled.

How do I get the City to condemn a house?

Please contact 311 and request an inspection of the property

How do I find out if a building is condemned?

Please visit our Condemned, Under Contract and Razed properties web page to view a list of condemned structures.

Can I request to have the City demolish my building?

No, available property owners are responsible for their own property resolutions. You must obtain a private demolition permit from our office before removing any structures, including garages.

Can I go onto my neighbor’s property or a vacant lot and clean it up?

PLI cannot authorize anyone to enter property without the owner’s permission. If you are interested in reclaiming an abandoned private or City owned vacant lot, please visit City Planning’s adopt-a-lot website.

What can be done about junk vehicles?

If someone is storing a vehicle that is not inspected or registered on their property, this is a code violation. Please call 311 to alert PLI of the violation and we will send the owner notice to remove the vehicle. If the vehicle is located on the street, this is a Police issue. Please contact 311 to alert the Police.

My neighbor constructed a fence on my property. What do I do?

Please put in a request to 311. Our inspectors will verify if a building permit or occupancy permit was issued. If proper permits were issued and the fence was constructed according to that permit, PLI requests that a professional property survey is conducted in order to verify property lines. We do not maintain records of property surveys.

Also, PLI does not resolve property disputes between owners or residents and cannot give you legal advice on the matter. If you think that your neighbor is violating your property rights, it is your decision to seek independent legal advice on how to lawfully resolve the issue.

Am I allowed to park in my front yard?

No, parking requires specific zoning permission and most City neighborhoods do not allow front yard parking. It is possible that zoning has allowed a variance in neighborhoods where parking is an issue. It is best to go to the Zoning office to determine if a front yard parking pad would be allowed.

If your neighbor is parking in their front yard, please call 311 to request an inspection.

What is the proper procedure to fix my sidewalk?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks along their property. For working on or repairing a sidewalk, the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure ("DOMI") requires a permit. If we sent you a notice to fix your sidewalk, please contact DOMI at 412-255-8850.  For more information on permits for working in the -right-of-way, such as sidewalks, please visit DOMI's Right-of-Way Permits web page

If your sidewalk is being affected by a tree, before doing any work on the sidewalk itself, please contact the Department of Public Works' Forestry Division at 412-665-3625. If it is a City tree, the Forestry Division will prune the tree prior to the replacement of the sidewalk. For more information about City trees, City tree permits, and the Forestry Division, please visit Forestry's web page.

Can I dump my yard debris such as grass and leaves over my hillside?

No, dumping of any kind is illegal within the City limits.

Someone dumped on my property. What do I do?

Without any evidence of who did the dumping such as photos or videos that can lead to a specific person or company, the property owner is responsible to clear the property of debris.