Fire Prevention

In 2016, PLI created a pro-active Fire Prevention Maintenance Program to inspect all high risk occupancies such as high rises, concert venues, restaurants, and schools in order to reduce potential injuries, death, and property damage. PLI fire inspectors will identify and eliminate fire hazards by enforcing the International Fire Code through routine inspections. 
Please review our fire inspection checklist to ensure that your property is up-to-date on fire safety requirements. 
Common violations include: 

  • altered sprinkler systems
  • deteriorated fire pumps
  • fire alarm systems
  • inadequate cooking suppression
  • inadequate emergency lighting
  • expired or missing fire extinguishers
  • unidentified addresses for emergency personnel
  • deteriorated fire escape
  • over-occupancy

If you are a recipient of a notice of violation related to fire inspections, please contact your inspector listed on the letter to determine a path to compliance. If you fail to correct the violations, appropriate documents will be filed with the local magistrate. 

Third Party Testing
Any third party testing shall be conducted by an Approved Third Party Agency as per the Fire Chief and Chief Building Official.