Private Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required for the following work on a residential or commercial building or structure:

  • Demolish an entire building or structure.
  • Partial demolition of a building or structure – not required for demolition of interior elements only.

Please see Permit Home for definition of commercial and residential structures.

Over the counter applications will require a Private Demolition Application.

Complete Demolition & Partial Demolition Work Types:

  • Accessory Structure Demolition: applies to the complete or partial demolition of an accessory structure such as a garage.
  • Adjacent Structure Repair: applies to the complete or partial demolition of a party wall structure where the party wall is required to be modified to be a weathertight assembly.
  • Primary Structure Demolition: applies to the complete or partial demolition of a primary structure such as a house or commercial use structure.
  • Site Work: applies to grading required to return site to natural grade.
  • Utility Disconnect: applies to complete or partial demolitions that include disconnection of utility services to the property.


Permit Process

See these webpages for additional information regarding the permitting process:

  • Permit Process
    • After submission of your application you will be provided with a Public Notice Placard which is required to be posted on site.
  • Application Submission
    • Applications for Commercial Structures require submission of drawings or narrative prepared and sealed by a PA licensed architect or engineer that document:
      • Intended demolition operations: method of demolition, type of equipment to be used and staging of equipment.
      • Protection measures for adjacent buildings and/or properties.
      • Protection measures for pedestrians in the public right of way.
    • All applications shall submit a site plan identifying: structures or portions of a structure are to be demolished, property lines, adjacent structures on the subject site and/or on adjacent properties.
    • Signed contract between the property owner and the license holder performing the work.
  • Application Review
  • Permit Issuance
    • A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required:
      • With minimum coverage of $500,000 General Liability and $250,000 Property Damage.  
      • The COI Description of Operations 'for the demolition of the structure at subject property address’.
      • The Certificate Holder shall be identified as PLI.
  • Permit Inspections
  • Permit Completion

Please see Other Agency Coordination for processes related to other agencies that may relate to your permit scope.  For commercial building permits:

  • Zoning Development Review
    • Zoning will review all demolition applications – a ZDR is not required.
  • Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD)
    • Removal of materials which contain asbestos materials may require an asbestos abatement permit application from ACHD.