Limited Third Party Agency Services

PLI requires the following limited Third Party Agency (TPA) services:

  • TPA Inspection of stormwater permits issued AFTER 5/25/22.
  • TPA Inspection of residential electrical permits issued BEFORE 1/1/21.
  • TPA Inspection of commercial electrical permits.

These TPA Services are temporary and may be repealed or amended as necessary by PLI. No other TPA services are authorized or accepted by PLI. Please see PLI's TPA Policy for additional information.

TPA & TPA Inspector Registration

PLI registration and approval are required prior to providing TPA services. To register or renew as a TPA or TPA Inspector please submit a completed Third Party Agency Registration Form to Please see PLI's TPA Policy for additional TPA responsibilities and requirements.

TPA Permit Requirements 

The permit holder is responsible to engage a registered TPA and TPA Inspector to perform inspections on behalf of PLI. Please refer to PLI's registered and approved TPA and TPA Inspectors. A TPA discount per PLI's Current Fee Schedule is applicable to permits that require TPA services.

The permit holder shall provide the TPA Inspector Assignment Form prior to the issuance of the permit. Please see PLI's TPA Policy for additional permit holder responsibilities and requirements.

The TPA Inspector shall provide a digital copy of all TPA Inspection Reports to the permit holder. The permit holder shall submit the TPA inspection documentation via the OneStopPGH portal as a close-out document and request the "TPA Report Submission" per PLI's TPA Policy. Requesting this inspection notifies PLI that you have submitted TPA inspection Documentation. Failure to take this action results in the inspection not being recorded in OneStopPGH and may delay the overall progress of the development project.