Sign Maintenance Certificate

All signs that are 4 square feet in size or larger and visible from the public right-of-way are required by the City of Pittsburgh to maintain an annual Sign Maintenance Certificate. Multiple signs at the same location may be listed on the same certificate. Sign inspections that accompany the Sign Maintenance Certificate are to insure all signs are safe and not in disrepair, the sign does not extend above the roof line or parapet wall, is an appropriate size, does not obstruct traffic due to size or improper illumination, and does not refer to a business that has been closed for more than 60 days. Please refer to the City Code (Chapter 919: Signs) for details on all sign regulations. 

  • Signs less than eight (8) feet above finished grade are considered small signs.
  • Signs more than eight (8) feet above finished grade are considered large signs

Relevant City Codes: Chapter 919: Signs, City Code 1004.02, Section 103.5.1; Maintenance and inspection fees: The owner or user of any sign shall pay an annual fee for maintenance and inspection.





  • Print out application and mail it along with required information, or bring it in person with all other required information, and Current Fee.
  • Check the cost of your license application fee here: Current Fee Schedule
  • Pay by credit card at the counter or online!
  • Make all checks or money orders payable to TREASURER – CITY OF PITTSBURGH. Please see main License page for credit card and echeck fees

Wondering how much your license costs? 

 All Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections fees change annually. Consult the Current Fee Schedule  for new applications, renewals, and late fees.  

Late Fees 

A late fee will be charged the day after your license expires. If your license is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, it is considered lapsed and closed. All business licenses expire a year from the date of issuance